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How do I qualify to use the Grimes Storehouse?

  • ·     The Grimes Storehouse serves residents of Grimes or those with a Grimes address.

  • ·     Clients are required to complete “The Emergency Food Assistance Program” (TEFAP) form.​​

  • ·     A Driver’s License or other photo ID.

  • ·     A copy of a current rent or utility bill.

  • ·     No appointment is necessary.

How often can I use the Grimes Storehouse?

Clients may visit the Grimes Storehouse once per calendar month.

What kind of food is provided at the Grimes Storehouse?

Depending on donations the food selection may change. The groceries are divided into categories such as cereal, canned vegetables, canned fruit, boxed meals, canned meats, boxed potato and rice, pasta and pasta sauce, drinks, snack, soups, and baking items. The pantry also includes a limited selection of non-food items including household items, personal hygiene and baby care items. When available, refrigerator and freezer items are also provided. A Fareway food voucher is also given to for perishable items.

Click HERE to see what our clients receive per monthly visit.

If I qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly the Food Stamp Program), can I still use the Grimes Storehouse?



Do I have to live in Grimes to get food and personal care items from the Grimes Storehouse?

Yes.  We serve residents of Grimes or those with a Grimes address.


What is your weather cancellation policy?

When the DC-G schools cancel due to the weather the Grimes Storehouse will be closed also. Although we will still be open if DC-G schools are delayed.

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