Executive Directors



Elaine Knudtson

Marion First United Methodist Church, Administrator, Retired

Grimes Storehouse Co-Executive Director

I have been involved with serving the Grimes community through the food pantry since 2013.  I had been praying for a ministry to be involved with since moving to Grimes in 2008. One Sunday it was asked for someone to serve in the food pantry at the Grimes Methodist Church.  The request went straight to my heart and I knew this was the answer to my prayer.  I had served in ministry for 20 some years at Marion First United Methodist church.  I was also involved with Summer Games International (SGI) and Summer Games University (SGU), Christian camping in Iowa and throughout the United States for 25 years.  I continue to serve as President of the Executive Board for SGI giving camperships and seminary scholarships each year.  It is my passion and God-given gift to serve in administration with Jen, Denny and all our volunteers in serving the Grimes Storehouse and our clients who dearly need assistance in our community with food insecurity.  It is a joy for me to serve each and every day. I am grateful and blessed for the opportunity.



Jen Harrington

XO Craft Designs, Owner

Grimes Storehouse Co-Executive Director


I am the owner of XO Craft Designs, an online Etsy shop.  I love crafting and creating fun products.  Having an online shop has allowed me to have flexibility with my schedule, enabling me to spend more time with my family.  It has also granted me the ability to volunteer at the Storehouse. 

When I was growing up my family was active in the church.  As an adult, I have tried to figure out where I could serve and help make a difference.  I am passionate about working with children and love helping in the nursery as part of the Children’s Ministry team at the Grimes United Methodist Church.  I have also thoroughly enjoyed volunteering and serving others through the Grimes Storehouse.  I started helping in 2018 when the food pantry was located within the church.  It has been amazing to see the growth and support that allowed us to move to our new location.  At our new space, I have enjoyed talking with our clients and getting to know them better.  I am constantly in awe of how God always provides just what we need when we need it.  I feel blessed to be part of this team and truly appreciate how generous and supportive the community of Grimes is to our mission to serve those in our area who are food insecure and need our assistance.