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The Grimes Storehouse has been a blessing to my family. Without them, myself and 3 grandchildren would have had a lot of hungry nights. They are all so loving and caring. They treat you like family, not a burden. God Bless you all for what you do and for all the volunteers and people and groups that donate. You are helping a lot of lives. Love & Prayers to you all.


I am writing to thank the Grimes Food Pantry for their services. In November 2017, I left the workforce to stay home and care for my husband who is disabled and homebound. Because of the food pantry we have not had to go hungry. Our current income does not allow for food in our budget.

The folks who serve in the food pantry are kind and compassionate and I have never felt anything other than their love and support. You are angels on earth, I want you to know what a wonderful and positive impact you have had on my life and my husband’s.


I just want to say a huge thank you to The Grimes Storehouse. I moved to Grimes in July of 2021. Unfortunately, my husband left our family and at the time I was a stay-at-home mom. I had to get a job, start paying for daycare, and medical insurance and it’s left no money in my budget for food or other necessities. The Grimes Storehouse has been a huge blessing for my family. They are very kind people and they treat me with dignity and respect. I would not have been able to make it without their help these last few months. You do so much for this community. Thank you for being a blessing to my life.

I've always lived on the edge of being broke but always managed to get what I need and pay bills. 

I live here in town, work hard and have pride. 

After struggling financially right up to the holidays I was told to give the store house a try.  I lost my local job of seven years because of the COVID shutdowns. The company survived by shortening the hours.  All the government money I received went to my dentist. My insurance stinks so bad no one will accept it.  Financial implosion.  All my credit accounts went over limit. Sorry getting off track-

My first visit they asked some questions to see if I qualified. Easy process.  They supply mask and hand sanitizer at the door. Then if you want, they take you up and down the isles shopping. It's set up just like a store. If you can't or don't want to go in they will happily just load up your car.

My first visit a (vehicle dealership) had donated pre lit Christmas trees, big boxes of prepackaged ornaments and tree skirts.  They encouraged me to take one set so I did. I love and appreciate it. It felt so nice to get such a variety of real food. Chicken, pork, hamburger, Salmon and so on. Not the junk that nobody wants. They have practically everything that you would get from a regular grocery store it's crazy awesome.

All the volunteers are warm hearted and make me feel like friends and family.

My latest visit was day before my birthday this month. I cried when I left after being treated so incredible. 

The ladies found me a can of cherries and an angel food cake to go with it.  

Even a Ravenclaw Harry Potter mug! (Yes, I'm a big HP fan. ;-) I even got a big hug. Give it up for the ladies! The men are ok too. Wink. 

There's more, they gave me a birthday sack. Said "a child put it together at church". At home I opened the sack pulled out the awesome handmade card and wept again I loved it SO much.  I was just a little sad they didn't sign their name but that's ok.  There was a confetti cake and items to make fridge magnets. 

It was my favorite birthday and I had all I needed thanks to the Grimes Store House and all who volunteer, donate, collaborate skills and resources to make great things happen. 

Jesus works through others to be there in my time of need. He never fails to show me how much he loves us all. 

I don't feel ashamed one bit to get help. It felt/feels really good to have food in the freezer, fridge and cupboards. 

I'm 52 years old. I own a cute little home. I've worked hard my entire life. 

The community support is ongoing.  Everyone wants to be a part of this. 

The storehouse needs someone like you who's reading this right now, your struggling, go to go see them.

Let them help make your life brighter. 

We fall down and we get up again. 

That's Life. 

I'm very proud to have this opportunity in my community. 

No need to feel embarrassed, though you will. Feel glad so many people care about YOU. 

I know my spirits have been lifted and so can yours. 

Spread the word to anyone you can. 

Things are looking up for me. It was a true gift for not just my belly but also for my heart and soul. 

We change the world every day with one kind gesture at a time.  Giving a smile, by listening, holding a door, helping someone a little short at the checkout, talking to your neighbors, being kind to animals. 

Grimes Storehouse goes above and beyond just handing out some free items. 

I'm so glad they were there for me. You will be too. 

I attached a picture of the birthday card. If you happen to know who made it could you tell them how much I loved it. 



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